Friday, 9 November 2012

Great Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a sentence in the introductory paragraph that expresses the main essay’s concern. It informs the target reader what the essay is all about. By reading this statement, the reader will know at a glance what the writer intends to achieve in the paper. In one sentence, the statement encompasses he whole focus of the paper. A great thesis statement contains the following features. Get custom written paper samples here.
A great thesis statement remains flexible until the reader has completed writing the paper. Mostly, it is the last statement to insert. This is due to two reasons;
  1. The writer might discover new informational and data as they continue the in process of writing the paper. 
  2.  This will of course require alteration in the thesis statement, to encompass the new information.
  3.   The writer might, on the other hand, discover that information previously thought to be convincing lacks enough evidence. This will require editing of the thesis statement to include only those points with a strong backing. This ensures that the whole paper and topic under discussion is convincingly addressed.
Some instructors usually require a thesis statement example be presented before the actual paper is written. When this is the case, the writer should then seek permission to make the necessary changes. This is better than writing a paper that fails to or over-rides the main thesis statement.
A great thesis statement usually appears at, or near the beginning of the paper. To make a strong point, a thesis statement example should not appear at the very start of the essay, rather as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. This serves two purposes.

  •   A thesis statement example at the very beginning kills the reader’s excitement. Most will not bother to read through the rest of the introduction.
  • When placed at the very end, it allows the writer to build up on the introduction, before delivering the main intention of the paper. This builds flow and allows the reader to follow the content systematically and in a well structured manner, which is easy to understand.
Clear Communication of Intent
A thesis statement example clearly communicates the intention of the writer in one sentence.  One of the best features of a great thesis statement is clearness and conciseness. As a precise summary of the whole purpose of the paper, a writer is able to aptly inform the readers about what the paper is all about, the main intention behind writing it in the first place, and the expected reaction.

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