Friday, 9 November 2012

Important factors When Constructing a Thesis Statement

For college students, academic papers are the norm. By the time they are informed to write a specific paper, they would have been taught a number of ways to start off. However constructing a thesis statement remains a fundamental skill that evades many. A persuasive, strong statement is the start to a great essay. What is a thesis statement best approach? Here is how to go about it.
Formulate Main Topic
The first step when constructing a thesis statement is converting the topic assigned into a simple question. For example, if the given assignment is to write a paper on effects of the television on student performance, the student might want to ask a question like “what negative impacts does too much television have on the academic performance of a student?”
Establish Main Points
The second step involves answering the aforementioned question. The answer to the question will be the main proposal or thesis. For starters, make a whole list of the points that support the proposal or the opinion the student supports. The three-point system is the best method to use when constructing a thesis statement. It involves selection of the strongest points of argument as the priority. These are usually the points with the strongest back-up in form of evidence and supporting data.
Once the three points are established, the student should then state the main argument point. For example “excessive television impacts the student negatively because…”then add the three main points highlighted earlier.
Statement Evaluation
What is a thesis statement evaluation? This part ensures that the statement is serving the intended purpose successfully. To determine this, the student should consider the following.
  1.  The statement should clearly highlight the roadmap for the rest of the paper.
  2.   It should be concisely worded to arouse interest in the target audience. This is achieved through the use of provocative but formal choice of words

The presence of at least three points in what is a thesis statement allows for a comprehensive essay as three body paragraphs will be present for starters. With factual evidence, these points should be enough to present an idea or support an argument.
The student should note that, when constructing a thesis statement, the statement remains flexible until the rest of the paper is completed. The choice of words or content will change according to presence, or lack of material evidence to support the main points under discussion.  After all is done, the sentence that describes what is a thesis statement can be inserted as the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

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