Friday, 9 November 2012

Understanding What is a Thesis Statement

What is a thesis statement in college? Writing in college is different from the other lower levels because there is a need to convince the readers that the point argued is worth reading on. There should be supporting evidence and the right structure and style. The key is persuasion. Persuasion takes the form of the choice of words and the presence of supporting data. The statement presents a nagging headache to most students. However, to know how to build a thesis statement, clearly formulate the purpose first.
What is a Thesis Statement Topic?
A thesis statement serves to focus the main topic under discussion. By concisely summing up the essay in one or two sentences, the writer is able to indicate clear understanding of the topic under discussion.  This helps the writer to keep the essay focused, organized and clearly structured. It also tests the writers understanding of the topic to be discussed. If the writer cannot summaries the main points in the sentence in a single sentence, then that is a clear indication that the topic is not viable as a discussion.
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What is a Thesis Statement Main Points?
A typical thesis statement will contain a simple summary of the main points of the argument.  The points, mostly three, contain evidence that the writer intends to use to support the arguments presented.  Those seeking to know how to build a thesis statement should understand that as arguments are presented in the statement, so will they appear in the main essay body. Through this simple construction, the reader is made aware of the roadmap that the writer will follow. This makes understanding the essay easier as well hints to the reader on what to expect in the main body.
Briefly Summarize Essay Body
To understand the main contents of the paper, readers often check out the thesis statement first. This gives them a quick-glance summary of the type of paper it is, main points discussed and the general road map of the structure adapted. This aids the readers in understanding the paper easily, quickly identify the arguments, and quickly connect the supporting evidence to the intended purpose of the paper. This particularly works for instructors evaluating a large number of papers.
A characteristic feature of a great essay is what is a thesis statement supported arrangement. The thesis statement highlights the topic under discussion, while the main body further discusses and offers evidence on the topic. This whole set up, makes for a very organized essay that is exciting to read as well as easy to follow. If the statement is missing, or misleading, the reader will feel cheated as there is no way to connect the two. That is the fundamental principle of how to build a thesis statement.


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