Friday, 9 November 2012

Make a Thesis Statement

In addition to serving as the ultimate guide during writing, a properly crafted thesis statement always serves other purposes. Some of these purposes include grabbing a reader’s attention, introducing the main issue to the reader and generating interest on the subject. When students make a thesis statement, they don’t just state their stand. By doing so, they also give their readers a chance to judge and choose their stands. Find the best thesis papers here.
When students are tasked with writing academic papers, the flow of ideas, quality of content and originality of their work are not the only things they worry about. There are many other elements students consider including how to make a thesis statement. In addition to relying on expert opinion and guidance, students must familiarize themselves with the various types of thesis statements. Here are a few types of thesis statements and examples of thesis statement to guide you:
  • Analytical Papers
In this type of academic papers, students should make a thesis statement that summarizes the subject. Doing this gives room for further exposition of the subject in the analytical paper. Examples of thesis statement include:
·         When looking for campsites, three major factors should be considered. These factors include the availability of recreational facilities, the landscape, and the cost.
  • Research Papers
When asked to write research papers, students must focus on crafting statements whose claims supports or objects the information gathered in previous research attempts. The stand a student chooses should be supported with credible information in the research paper. The following are a few examples of thesis statement:
·         The best campsite for a perfect family getaway is Camp X because it has numerous recreational activities, picturesque scenery, and it’s affordable.
·         The most productive company is Company X because they have grown rapidly, their sales have increased and they have initiated an expansion plan.
  • Comparative Essay
When working on a comparative essay, the main argument or claim in the thesis statement should bring out an explicit comparison between two factor/objects/people/places. If you want to make a thesis statement for your comparative essay, the following examples of thesis statement will help you do so with ease:
·         Compared to Camp Y, Camp X is perfect for a family getaway because it has numerous recreational activities, picturesque scenery, and it’s affordable.
·         Compared to Enterprise A, Enterprise C is a more viable business venture because it has more emerging markets, fewer risks and greater returns.
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