Friday, 9 November 2012

How to Make a Good Thesis Statement

Every year, millions of students enroll for different courses in different institutions of learning. Most students who join their preferred institutions do so with their goals and success strategies in mind. Although most students prepare themselves mentally to tackle examinations, majority of them rarely think about academic papers. When they are assigned academic papers, many students struggle during the writing process and only a few students manage to put together high quality papers.
Academic paper writing should be both a test and an eye opening experience. For most students, academic paper writing is always considered as a challenging test. This should not always be the case! Students can make their academic workload lighter by learning how to
write superior quality papers. In addition to learning, students must also practice so as to improve their writing abilities.  One of the crucial things students must learn is how to make a good thesis statement.
How to Do a Thesis Statement

  • Understand what a thesis statement is and it’s purpose:-
When a student sets out to learn how to make a good thesis statement, formulating the statement should never be a priority. Students must always start by trying to understand the purpose it serves. A thesis statement briefly introduces a subject in the form of an argument or a claim.

  • Understanding the academic paper topic/subject:-
 When you clearly understand the purpose of a thesis statement, the nest step for you should be attempting to understand your assignment. When you have a clear understanding of your subject and your teacher’s expectations, learning how to do a thesis statement becomes very easy.

  • Analyzing the facts:-
Learning how to make a good thesis statement is crucial. Apart from understanding the purpose of a thesis statement, students always learn how to do a thesis statement that can be used as guiding factor during the writing process. After analyzing the topic in question, students must always analyze the facts. Facts always help one to draw conclusions. Conclusions that are based on facts usually serve as thesis statements.

  • Craft a Persuasive Thesis Statement:-
Drawing conclusions that are based on facts is important. Doing this is however, not always reliable. In addition to learning how to make a good thesis statement, students must also learn how to do a thesis statement whose grounds can be defended with factual information. Evaluating opposing arguments and possible objections is also critical at this stage of thesis statement formulation.

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