Friday, 9 November 2012

How to Do a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is one of the important elements of an academic paper. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, thesis statements should not express a writer’s opinion on a topic. They are supposed to convey beliefs whose arguments can be supported and believed. Thesis statement writing tips.  When students are asked to write academic papers, the first step for them should always be to learn how to do a thesis statement. Although there are no ideal techniques of coming up with a good thesis statement, students can always make a thesis statement by simply following the following tips:
  • Choose the most appropriate type of thesis statement:-
If you are having a hard time trying to adapt a thesis statement for your paper, you should evaluate your statement for appropriateness. Before you make a thesis statement, you must
try to understand the nature of assignment you are working on. Different types of academic papers usually require different types of statements.
  •  Formulate your research questions:-
Formulating research questions is the second thing students who are learning how to do a thesis statement should do. Drafting a number of research questions at this stage often makes it easier for students to understand their assignment well. Research questions are supposed identify the main issue. They are also supposed to help the student make a thesis statement that easily answers most of or all the questions at hand.
  • Formulating draft thesis statements:-
Writing down a number of thesis statements is the third step. At this stage, students must analyze their academic paper subjects as well as their type of academic paper. Highlighting a number of suitable thesis statements gives students a chance to put their knowledge into useful practice. This stage also allows students to generate more options to choose from. If you still don’t know how to make a thesis statement at this stage, referring to other samples can be of help.
  •    Scrutinize the contradictions:-
With a list of options, choosing the perfect thesis statement is always easier for students. Before they settle down for one thesis statement, students must always scrutinize the contradictions brought about by each statement. A thesis statement that generates fewer or no contradictions is always considered a better thesis
Learning how to do a thesis statement is a process. Every student must be willing to practice how to make a thesis statement that is interesting, controversial and believable. 

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