Friday, 9 November 2012

How to Build a Thesis Statement

Learning how to build a thesis statement is very important in the academic papers. Other than provide a brief summary of the topic under discussion, a thesis statement serves to highlight the writer’s main stand, the major arguments discussed and the main purpose of the essay. Given the importance of this section the writer needs to exercise caution and plan it out carefully. Buy thesis papers here.
Preliminary Statement
Those seeking to learn how to build a thesis statement should know that this is the draft version of the main thesis statement. It helps to organize structure and focus the final statement. Though it may completely change later, it serves as a reference point of the suitability of the statement to the contents of the paper. The statement should have the
following qualities.
  1. Clearly highlighted emphasis and range. A great thesis statement should not make promises that the main body cannot meet. If there are three points discussed in the main body, they should appear in the statement clearly. This is why the statement is usually the last to be added. The writer will have noted the major points that carry weight and have strong supportive evidence.
  2. Clearly argued valid points. In most college papers, thesis statements are mostly argumentative. This is because most of the writing involves expression of opinions and unique points of view. Success of a paper usually hinges on the ability of the target audience to effectively challenge main points discussed, all within the realm of the field of study.
  3. Since the thesis statement serves as a peek into the main body, it should then clearly describe the flow of the rest of the paper. The first section of a great thesis statement clearly shows the main topic under discussion, and then proceeds to highlight the reasons why the writer holds that opinion. With such information at hand, it is then possible to alter and refine the thesis statement so that it holds true to the content.

Common Mistakes
Most students do error when writing the thesis statement. The common errors performed when learning how to build a thesis statement are;
·         Stating the statement as a question. This implies that the writer is uncertain of the opinion they hold. The statement should take form of a clear concise statement.
·         Overuse of confrontational language. Experts state that an effective and great thesis should arouse interest in the reader. However, many writers tend to overdo this with overuse of controversial choice of words. The writer should let the reader judge the weight of the evidence by leaving the statement clear, formal and concise.
The above guide on how to build a thesis statement should be of use to those struggling to write great thesis statements.

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