Friday, 9 November 2012

The Importance of Examples of Thesis Statement

The key to creating impressive thesis statements is not a mystery. All students can learn and perfect the art of crafting thesis statements if they wish to. If you are still learning how to make a thesis statement for an essay, you can always make your work easier by relying on the available examples of thesis statement. Examples always make understanding easier. They also serve as perfect models for learners to emulate.The following are a few examples of thesis statement to help you understand the art of creating thesis statement: Explanatory essays in this type of essays, students are expected to give factual reasons why they have chosen to take a specific stand. When they are assigned essay topics, students should always formulate essay questions. A thesis statement should be derived from the questions as shown below:Q: What are the benefits of selling products online?

Thesis A: The potential benefits of selling products online include. . .
Thesis B: Using online platforms to sell products is beneficial in the following ways . .
Academic Papers on Unassigned TopicsIn some cases, students are usually tasked with writing academic papers on topics of their choice. Choosing the topic should be the first step in this type of situation. After identifying the topic, narrowing down the scope of research should be done. Before any student starts to worry about how to make a thesis statement for an essay, they must attempt to generate research questions. Together with examples of thesis statement, research questions always make it easier for students to formulate perfect thesis statement. The following is an example:Essay topic: Social Media Marketing
Specific topic: Benefits of social media marketing
Research question: Why should grocery stores embrace social media marketing?
Thesis statement: Social media marketing is beneficial because it gives a marketer a wider market, it is a measurable marketing tool and….If you want to learn how to make a thesis statement for an essay, good news is that you can do so without struggling. The internet has thousands of examples of thesis statement that you can use to make your learning process quicker and easier.Students must remember that examples of thesis statement only provide models for them to emulate. To learn how to make a thesis statement for an essay, every student must make an effort to acquire the knowledge and skills they require to be good at thesis statement crafting!

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