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Thesis Statement Example

When writing a thesis statement example, the form it takes is determined by the type of paper that is been written. Each kind of paper requires a certain form of style, format, tone of the statement and general purpose. Buy thesis online or get thesis papers for pay form us today.
Analytical Paper
An analytical paper serves a number of purposes
  •  Breaks down an idea into simpler components
  • Evaluates the idea highlighted
  •  Presents the components exhaustively to the target audience

A thesis statement example for an analytical paper should make a specific declaration as to
“why” and “how”. It should then offer a preview of the facts supporting the issue under analysis.
Explanatory Paper
An explanatory paper gives details on a certain idea to the audience. Its main purpose is to simplify a phenomenon, idea, theory or viewpoint. The reader should not present their own opinion in this paper; rather they should endeavor to educate the target audience.
For those seeking help making a thesis statement for explanatory papers, in one or two sentences, should clearly express what the writer is attempting to explain in the rest of the paper. With a thesis statement example the last part of the introductory paragraph, it should be concise and catchy to grab attention.
Argumentative Paper
For those seeking help making a thesis statement for this kind of paper, note that the statement should clearly indicate the position that the writer holds in the idea been presented. The reason for taking that stand should be forwarded as well. It should accomplish the following tasks.
  • Clarify the topic in a formal academic language and tone
  • Clarify major elements of the paper
  • Acknowledge the target audience familiarity with the points under discussion in the paper.
  • Successfully highlight that controversy exists in the topic under discussion.
  • Hint at the basic format of the main paper

To succeed in the paper’s objective, there are some help making thesis statement precautions that the writer should take.
  • The topic under discussion should have a solid base and with arguable issues. It is recommended that the topic selected be not discussed to exhaustion previously, otherwise the writer seeking help making a thesis statement will just be repeating other people’s opinions.
  • Choose a side and stick to it.
  •    Be persuasive in the argument
  • Lists the major arguable points. Pick those that are easily supported by evidence.

This type of paper first makes a claim or argument, followed by justification using strong facts and evidence. The main objective of such a paper is to convince the audience that the proposed argument holds water based on the evidence provided.
If the paper does not fall under the above three categories, for example a narrative, a thesis statement example or sentence will still be required. All in all, ensure that the statement is specific to the content of the paper.

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